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stricter gun control laws in a lot of places, in western states that are supposedly so libertarian and free-wheeling. i think it's going to be a long haul. i'm glad we have a billionaire on this issue. >> did you notice colorado what it did last week? a gun state, a hunting state. once reliably red. a transformational change. >> i think colorado is a good example. i grew up in that state, it definitely is a hunting-friendly state. i only lived in sweet states, strategic. >> there's some ohio blood in there? >> i'm going to move there for a while so i can say, i used to live in ohio, it's a swing state. you're seeing it in colorado where this is going. states are responsive on a local level. politics is all about pressure and leverage. for somebody like a mary landrieu, she doesn't see as a national poll as necessarily the pressure that's going to change her election. she's worried about louisiana. she's worried about getting re-elected in that state. and until you see the zeitgeist change within the state, these politicians are not responsive to that. where bloomberg can make a huge differe
and neighbors and family members, they support full equality under the law every single time. there's a poll out this week that shows 58% of americans support marriage equality. but the most fascinating number there, the number that indicates really where we're headed as a country, 81% of people under the age of 30 support marriage equality. that's republicans, independents, as well as democrats. and both of the parties are going to get on board or be left behind quite frankly. so i think it's becoming increasingly difficult to be on the wrong side of this issue. because it turns off voters. >> let me ask you, chad, no good deed goes unpunished. the fact that you're talking young voters is salient to this piece. which is as much as you have republicans trying to push for moderation, understanding they have a problem, especially with young voters on the issue of gay marriage. you have folks like rush limbaugh, christian and evangelical conservatives who are continuing on with more divisive rhetoric around what is i think what most people see as a basic civil right. how much is that damage the rep
support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. i support it personally and as a matter of policy and law. >> while the announcement itself was less than shocking, it symbolized a much larger shift in public opinion. a new "washington post"/abc news poll released yesterday shows that public support for gay marriage is at an all-time high, 58% of americans support it. as do 81% of young adults. ten years ago, only 37% of americans supported same-sex marriage. but if the winds of change are blowing, some parts of the gop have yet to feel them. the same poll showed that only 34% of republicans support same-sex marriage, compared to 72% of democrats, and 62% of independents. and last week at cpac, the schism within the gop was thrown into sharp relief as brian brown, president of the national organization for marriage found himself voicing opposition to gay marriage in front of an empty room. memo to republicans and actually anyone on planet earth -- if you find yourself making an argument to a room full of empty chairs, it might be time to change your strategy. james, i want to go you first
. and people also say that this isn't going to solve the problem. the laws aren't being enforced, there's so many outs for republicans right now. whether they're doing it for politics or they're doing it to represent their constituents, this is such an ingrained belief for so many of them. from georgia, from alabama, from florida, from across the south and the west. i don't see it as a reality. >> meanwhile, children will still be killed. >> the bottom line, meanwhile, the thing that keeps parents up at night, the idea of someone being able to walk into their kids' classroom and unload a 30-capacity round without having to recharge and snuff out the lives of dozens of children is completely unaddressed, even though the assault weapons ban and banning and limiting high-capacity magazines still has the majority in this country. >> i do think we should not lose sight of the moral argument here. i want to read an excerpt from you, eugene robinson who has a strong editorial in the "washington post." we all know what's happening, senate democrats face a tough battle next year to hold on to their s
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Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5